Passaggio Cravatte - Navy and Green Block Stripe Tie 7-Fold

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A selection of ties from Passaggio Cravatte made for Vangelis, we choose silk fabrics from the 1960’s, crafted by artisans into 4 and 7 folded ties.

Passaggio Cravatte is a small business from Robbio, outside Milan, with a workshop in Naples, crafting some of the best ties in the world.

The silk is hand cut in order to give the pattern a perfect centering, then folded and pressed 7 times with a light interlining. Hand-rolled edges, then closed with a loop stitch, one long single thread in order to give maximum flexibility. Each side is then sealed with hand stitched tabs in yellow.

Size: width 8 cm, length 150 cm.

Composition: 100% silk

Hand made in Naples, Italy