Montecore - Navy DB. Wool Flannel Down Pull Jacket EU 50 / L

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A neatly made down DB. pull jacket from Montecore, cut from a soft wool flannel cloth with down filling. A down jacket with a combination of technical development and classic style which keeps you warm.

Pull fabrics, or dual-action fabrics, are specially engineered textiles that efficiently manage moisture for enhanced comfort. They swiftly wick away moisture from the body, facilitating quick evaporation on the outer surface. This dual-action process regulates body temperature, minimizes sweat buildup, and boosts overall comfort.

It features a detachable front and neck lining for extra warmth in virgin wool,  single zip and db. button closure, two flap and one zip front pockets, four internal pockets, chest pocket and double vent.

Size: EU 50, tailored fit.

Shoulders 45 cm, chest 56 cm, waist 51 cm, length 74 cm, sleeve 65 cm.

Composition: 100% wool shell, 90% duck down, 10% feathers 

Made in Italy


Montecore is a fashion brand founded in Italy in 2003 by designer Alessandro Rosso. The brand is known for its very high-quality men's and women's clothing, including jackets and coats, using unique and innovative design elements. Montecore has a strong focus on craftsmanship and uses premium and innovative materials to create timeless and functional garments.