Maker's Shirt Kamakura - Pale Green OCBD Shirt 40

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A neatly made oxford cloth button down shirt from Kamakura, a Japanese shirt company, known for perfecting the button-down shirt, inspired from 1960’s Ivy league shirts. The Sewing techniques used in Japan are among the best in the world, at Kamakura each stitch is placed with the greatest care,

Pale green smooth and soft oxford cloth, BD. collar is generous, perfect when wearing open collared for a casual look, pair with jeans, chinos, flannel or soft tailoring.

Repeated use will make this shirt look stunning and bring more soul to it over the years.

Composition: 100% cotton

Size: EU 40, tailored fit.

Shoulders: 45 cm, chest: 53 cm, waist: 49 cm, length: 74 cm, sleeve: 64 cm.

Made in Japan