Pre-Owned Clothes for Men

Buy pre-owned clothes in new condition

Find your personal style and buy pre-owned clothes and shoes online. We have an exclusive selection of used clothes from well-known brands at low prices. We only sell pre-owned clothes of the highest quality that both feel and looks like new products. Buying second hand is not only much cheaper, it is also sustainable and better for the environment.

Pre-owned men's clothing

We always strive to only offer pre-owned menswear in impeccable condition. We do not offer used men's clothing that has stains, holes or other defects. However, we will make exceptions if we believe that a piece of clothing is rare, important or has other details or features that make it interesting for our second hand customers. Under each product you will see detailed information about the condition of the item. We have pre-owned men's clothing that is suitable for all occasions: Costumes, Shirts, Pants, Sweaters, Polos, Shorts and Knitted clothes. We have several well-known clothing brands such as Oscar Jacobson, Ralph Lauren, GANT, Morris, Eton, PT01 and many more. 

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Pre-owned Clothes

Used clothes in new condition

Some may have doubts about buying pre-owned and used clothes, especially online. But you don't have to worry about the condition and quality of the clothes when you buy pre-owned from Vangelis online. We check the clothes very carefully and promise that they both look and feel like new clothes. Should there be anything special about a garment, it will be detailed on the product page. There you will also see newly taken and unique pictures of the product.

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